Monday, 11 June 2012

A Fundraising Exhibition at HSA for the work of Norma Bannister.

Hampstead School of Art held a fundraising exhibition for blind artist Norma Bannister on Wednesday 6th June. The event was hosted by June Brown of Eastenders and Principal Isabel H Langtry, kindly supported by the BBC Dragonfly team.

Visitors to the exhibition admired Norma’s work before her arrival.

June Brown spoke to the HSA guests surrounded by Norma’s watercolour paintings. June is concerned about the quality of life for older people in todays society.

Norma Bannister talking about her life as a blind artist, how the work is made and how if felt to be the centre of so much attention that night.

Norma in conversation with one of her carers informing the guests about their working methods. Norma thanked the school and the guests for the opportunity of showing her work and being so enthusiastically received.

Junes daughter carrying the flowers presented by the Principal Isabel H Langtry to her mother June Brown. It was a wonderful evening and we are very proud that £450 was raised that night. The money will be used to buy Norma more hours of specialist painting time with her carers , something that Norma says is the only reason she enjoys her very difficult life.

HSA would like to thank everybody that supported the event by attending, contributing and being so appreciative of Norma’s extraordinary painting achievement.