Wednesday, 7 September 2011

David Waller wins 'Peoples Prize' in the Artsdepot Open

Hampstead School of Art is delighted that David Waller, one of our  celebrated Teacher/Practitioner won the'Peoples Prize' in the  Artsdepot Open for his installation 'Car Atlas Rainbow'

David has also been awarded for "Outstanding contribution to the arts in Barnet" by the Milly Apthorp Trust for his drawing 'Spirit of Night'.

This drawing is pencil on paper and was completed over a three year period.
It is a homage to one of the world's greatest sculptoral works by Michelangelo, which forms part of an allegory of the fours parts of the day, night, day, dawn & dusk. The original  is situated above the tomb of Giuliano di Lorenzo de' Medice in the San Lorenzo, Florence.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hampstead School of Art a history

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Hampstead School of Art at The Hampstead Summer Festival

Hampstead School of Art is delighted to be a community partner of the Hampstead Summer Festival. Our school has a strong tradition in the teaching, study and production of artworks, often inspired by the Old and Modern Masters. Our students, of all ages, can often be seen drawing on Hampstead Heath or at Kenwood. (says Isabel Langtry, new Principal of the HSA).

Help Us Make a Modern Masterpiece

A Hampstead artist, Ford Madox Brown is a great inspiration. In his painting titled ‘Work’ he observed the energy and enthusiasm of navvies digging the road on The Mount, near his studio at Heath Street.  So, to celebrate the Hampstead Summer Festival we have recreated this painting to form a long mural. 

We will be inviting visitors of all ages to paint, draw or sketch the areas of their choice to produce a patchwork style reinterpretation, of Brown’s painting. We will be giving out ‘postcards’ of the original work to work from, but you will also be able to look around and draw/paint directly from the very view of Hampstead that Brown incorporated into his original painting. Materials are kindly provided by Cass Art, who also have a ‘studio’ on Heath Street.

‘Work’ by Ford Madox Brown 1853
Ford Madox Brown intended the painting to be more than a simple slice of life. Trained as a painter of history, he chose to show the importance of meaningful work, transforming this real life work scenario into a monumental work of art. The men are shown connecting water supplies, which provided clean drinking water, so not just visually interesting, but doing a vital job. (The 'firstborn sons of modern industry' as Marx had called English working men in his 1848 Manifesto). Brown used the painting to include comments on wider social issues as well as incorporating humorous goings on within the work.  He uses the harsh sunlight to highlight the toughness and severity of the job - but the energy and cheerfulness of his workmen shows that their work gives them self-respect and a role in the community.

Light is the crucial part in composing a picture, as you will learn should you wish to attend our lovely Art School in Kidderpore Avenue, part of the Kings College Campus. Below is a painting from one of our talented practitioner/teachers, Vincent Milne, who uses an Impressionist approach to light for this painting of our school building.

Vincent Milne ‘HSA Kidderpore Avenue’ 2011

Expert Help and Lots to See

Next door to The Mural, Valerie Wiffen, another of our excellent HSA practitioner/teachers, will be demonstrating pastel techniques at the Art Zone. Do come and watch Valerie in her work – she’ll be happy to give advice and share tips with you.

Art works will be displayed on the day and our new prospectus is hot off the press.

I look forward to meeting you. Best wishes Isabel H. Langtry, Principal, Hampstead School of Art.    office 02077941439      email

Friday, 1 July 2011

A snapshot of the new prospectus 2011/2012

Please follow the link to HSA web site for full details

Friday, 24 June 2011

Hi everyone and welcome to the HSA official blog.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some examples of what’s possible. We would like to know what you think of the idea, and anything you would like to contribute to this blog.
Tell us about your work, exhibitions you may be having. 
Promote your classes, and celebrate your student’s achievements. Post a Link to your personal web sites or blog. 
If you are a former student what are you doing now and how did we help you along the way?
    Become a follower of the blog and send us a contribution!

A Snapshot of Jan's students "Painting from photographs" exhibition in the cafe

There are regular exhibitions in the cafe showcasing the work of students and tutors at the school